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Expectations are a hell of a thing.Year 2 of the Sean McVay

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Expectations are a hell of a thing.Year 2 of the Sean McVay

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Adding Pro Bowl talent to both sides of the ball. Starting the season 8-0 and bouncing back from a single loss to improve to 11-1. The game of the year against the Kansas City Chiefs that could get some kind of ESPN’s 30 for 30 treatment. The Los Angeles Rams went into their Week 12 bye as the predestined Super Bowl champions after an offseason of astronomical expectations.*cue the whistling of a bomb dropping to Earth*The Rams sleep-walked their way to a win against a punchless Detroit Lions team. The Rams managed 30 points in that contest http://www.ramsauthorizedshops.com/authentic-aaron-donald-jersey , but 17 were scored off drives starting in Lions territory probably because the new stationary kickoff rules have inadvertently torpedoed onside kick attempts. Thanks, hands team.But if that game was a head-scratcher, I can’t imagine what’s left of your scalp after these last two games. The Rams, the predetermined Super Bowl winners with their high-octane offense, charismatic head coach, and a surging defensive unit led by a tackle that was endangering Michael Strahan’s single-season sack record, wet the bed on a national stage. The Rams were averaging 34 points a game when they went to Soldier Field to take on the Chicago Bears...and scored six points. Next up, the Philadelphia Eagles who are likely not making the playoffs. Their starting running back tore his ACL. Their starting quarterback broke his back. And their secondary is so beat up that I could show up to their practice and they’d hand me a jersey number in the 20’s and tell me I’m their new nickel corner. And despite all of that, America was treated to a second consecutive showing of the predetermined Super Bowl champs laying an egg. The Rams did manage to make it close towards the end, benefiting from soft coverage from a naturally soft secondary. But I’m personally a lot more alarmed by the 17-point hole they dug vs. encouraged by their ability to almost crawl back from it.Even when it was tied at 13 at halftime Greg Zuerlein Jersey , it felt like the Rams were lucky it was that close. But these are the Rams. They’re supposed to win it all this year. And they’re one of the best teams in the league at halftime adjustments. Up until this game, the Rams had led the league in 3rd quarter scoring offense. They were outscored by the Eagles, 17-0. For those keeping score at home, the Rams have managed three points in 3rd quarters since their bye. Atotal of three points. Like, they kicked a field goal against the Lions and have been shut out of the last two...Now come the narratives. And as someone who was at the game who had to deal with inebriated Eagles fans flapping their arms and celebrating a minor victory in a lost season, I can’t help but buy in to them.Is QB Jared Goff a liability? Since their bye, he has one touchdown pass and seven interceptions. That’s one more interception than what he had in the eleven games before their bye. Is the book out on DL Aaron Donald? Zero sacks the last two games after 6.5 the previous three. And what about the special teams? Another fake punt that didn’t work and a back-breaking fumble by JoJo Natson Jr. that essentially cost the Rams a minute and a half of clock when there was only three minutes left. The sports news cycle the day after an embarrassing prime time loss is always a tough one. The talking heads are always ready to bury a team with high expectations.The Rams are 11-3 and I believe, despite what I’ve said up to this, that they have as good a shot as any other team to win the Super Bowl this year. This isn’t the same kind of frustration I’ve felt during the Jeff Fisher, Steve Spagnuolo Authentic Tyler Higbee Jersey , Jim Haslett or Scott Linehan eras. This isn’t the hopeless feeling of rooting for a team destined to finish 4-12.This is the fear of watching what is probably the most talented roster in the NFL get dropped in the divisional round. Swept away and forgotten by everyone but us Rams fans.And all we’d be left with is a series of “what-ifs.” The Los Angeles Rams have seen cracks emerge in their star-studded defense the past two weeks.The fourth quarter has not been one of those problems.Despite allowing 31 points in wins over Minnesota and Seattle, just three of those 62 points were conceded in the fourth quarter, which gives defensive coordinator Wade Phillips confidence to address the Rams' issues in stopping the run and pass."I've been on a lot of teams and I just think, like I've told you before, this team plays really well under pressure," Phillips said Thursday. "We don't want to be pressured to play that well all the time, but I feel good about where we're going. We're not there yet, but that's where we are going."The decline in play through the first three quarters coincides with injuries to cornerbacks Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters, who each sustained injuries in the Rams' 35-23 win over the Chargers in Week 3.Talib will not be eligible to return until December after undergoing ankle surgery and being placed on injured reserve. Peters sustained a calf injury that forced him out against the Chargers, but has not missed a game since.However Youth Michael Brockers Jersey , Peters' effectiveness has dropped off noticeably since coming back on a short week to face the Vikings. According to Sportradar, Peters has allowed 12 receptions on 17 targets in the past two games. Prior to the injury, Peters had allowed four completions on 11 attempts as the primary defender in coverage.Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson went after Peters on all three of his touchdown passes, but Phillips took the blame for not putting Peters in the right positions given the injury, he said. Phillips also noted that retraining the aggressive Peters to play in his system will take time, likening it to asking a mobile quarterback to be more cautious when a play breaks down."When you take the scrambling away from him, they're not as good," Phillips said. "Same thing with him if you take what he sees away from him. Now you got to limit it a little more, and that's what we have him doing."But he's getting there, and he's a great competitor. He keeps fighting http://www.ramsauthorizedshops.com/authentic-johnny-hekker-jersey , and that's what happens in the fourth quarter. If bad things happen to really good players, they keep playing."And it is the success in the fourth quarter, where the Rams have allowed a total of six points in five games, that Phillips is citing as evidence the Rams defense is anything but broken.The Rams had four sacks in the fourth quarter against the Vikings, with Ndamukong Suh getting one in the red zone to force a field goal. John Franklin-Myers had a strip-sack of quarterback Kirk Cousins on Minnesota's final possession to seal the 38-31 win.The defense was just as effective late against the Seahawks, when the Rams scored the final nine points in a 33-31 win.Despite allowing 190 yards rushing for the game, a total Suh called "terrible," the Rams gave up 16 yards rushing on six carries in the final quarter, including five net yards on the final five attempts. Suh also sacked Wilson to end one drive and drew a holding penalty to help snuff out another."Going in the fourth quarter when it's crunch time, when we need to get off the field and need to stop the run and need to stop the pass Lamarcus Joyner Jersey , we do all of it," Suh said. "We just got to be consistent. When we get consistent and we're all on the same page at all times, we'll be a dangerous defense."While Suh struck a disappointed tone for letting the past two games come down to the wire, safety Lamarcus Joyner believes the poise the Rams showed in those critical moments bodes well for the future."We definitely want to try not to make it a habit, but it's good to face that adversity early," Joyner said. "Playing in the postseason or whatever it is, when you are going to have that competition and that adversity, we already experienced the feelings and the emotions and we know how to handle ourselves."NOTES: Wide receivers Brandin Cooks and Cooper Kupp (concussion protocol) each participated in individual drills during practice Thursday. Coach Sean McVay said Cooks and Kupp are on track to play against Denver barring any setbacks. ... Defensive lineman Michael Brockers (ankle) did not practice.
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