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Thanks to the Philadelphia Eagles defeating the Chicago B

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Thanks to the Philadelphia Eagles defeating the Chicago B

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ears on Sunday Youth Jaylon Smith Jersey , the Dallas Cowboys will travel to take on the Los Angeles Rams in the Divisional Round of the playoffs. Buckle up, amigos.The Rams were crowned Super Bowl LIII champions before the season began thanks to the massive roster additions that they made. Los Angeles added names like Marcus Peters, Aqib Talib, Brandin Cooks, and Ndamukong Suh. They already had Jared Goff, Todd Gurley, and Sean McVay... it seemed like a foregone conclusion that they’d win it all.Maybe this year’s title will ultimately belong to the Rams but in order for that to happen they’ll have to get through the Cowboys first. This game is going to be massive, and here are nine reasons why.The Cowboys in Los AngelesJerry Jones is perhaps the biggest reason for the NFL’s return to Hollywood. It was the cherry on top of his Hall of Fame rsum.Dallas played in the first game back in LA and you’ll remember that they even returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown. Shout out to Lucky Whitehead!It’s the NFL’s dream to have a playoff game on a Saturday night in Los Angeles that features the Dallas Cowboys. The stars will be out. Actors, actresses Womens Chidobe Awuzie Jersey , musicians, other athletes... the place will be swarming.For what it’s worth the Los Angeles Lakers are off on Saturday night and at home on Sunday. LeBron James is a noted Cowboys fan. I’m not saying, I’m just saying.Jerry Jones once compared the Cowboys to the Rams, kind ofRemember back in September when Jerry Jones wanted the Cowboys to be like the Rams? We now get a chance to see these two squads up against one another. That’s delicious. Jerry must be hyped.Tavon Austin revenge gameWhen the Dallas Cowboys traded for Tavon Austin during the draft they did so with none other than the Rams.Tavon’s coming home.Wade Phillips revenge gameThe defensive coordinator of the Rams just so happens to be Wade Phillips. This is the very same Wade Phillips who just so happens to be Jason Garrett’s predecessor as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.Buckle up.Dak Prescott is returning to where it all beganThe Cowboys believe in Dak Prescott as their leader and who he is really all began in the Coliseum.During his very first preseason game, the aforementioned one with the Lucky Whitehead kickoff return, Dak impressed and gave life to the notion that Dallas might have a future quarterback on its hands.Of course the future started a lot sooner than later.Dak Prescott vs. Jared GoffHe’s so often compared specifically to Carson Wentz, but Dak Prescott also shares a draft class with Rams quarterback Jared Goff. Obviously, Goff was the draft’s first overall pick.It would be quite the statement if Dak could take down Goff given everything that’s happened to them throughout the course of their young careers.Ezekiel Elliott vs. Todd GurleyZeke was named as a second-team All-Pro last week as the first-team running back was Todd Gurley.Elliott led the league in rushing yards and has done so in two of his three seasons in the NFL. These are perhaps the two best backs in the game and it will be quite the treat to see them square off against each other’s defenses.Who would you take?Zack Martin vs. Aaron DonaldYou’ll remember during the 2014 Senior Bowl that there was one person who Zack Martin struggled with... Aaron Donald.Zack will have hope in taking on Aaron in Joe Looney and Connor Williams, but Aaron will have a friend in Ndamukong Suh working next to him. The Cowboys have already defeated Suh in a playoff game before Authentic Cole Beasley Jersey , this matchup is going to be huge.Jason Garrett is returning to the scene of the crimeDuring the Cowboys bye week Jason Garrett took his talents west and attended the longest game in World Series history. He even sat next to Brad Paisley.Garrett was ridiculed for this, including by Jimmy Johnson, and things didn’t get much better for him when the Cowboys lost their first game back against the Tennessee Titans.Ever since then the Cowboys have won eight of their last nine, including their playoff victory over the Seahawks. Brad must have had some good advice. We made it. Welcome to the playoffs.This particular Saturday night the Dallas Cowboys will host the Seattle Seahawks and a lot of narratives will be formed. Are the Cowboys a team that can experience success in the postseason? Can Jason Garrett continue the run his team has been on? So many questions will finally have answers.The fact that this game exists is quite the answer already, but as this is the world of sports, people want more. Another win. Another notch on the belt. Another reason to cheer. As the great Shane Falco said - it can often be like quicksand.What will happen on Saturday night between Dallas and Seattle? We don’t have any answers as far as the score is concerned, but we do have BTB’s five bold predictions that will tell you some of the future. Let’s have some fun.Tavon Austin will have a 40-yard playThe Cowboys saved Tavon Austin for the playoffs, they brought him back last week but it was obviously in preparation of this, after telling us that they were going to feed him the ball at a crazy rate on the day that they traded for him. Surprise Authentic Terrance Williams Jersey , they didn’t.There has to be some reason why the Cowboys held on this long and are so willing to go back to the Tavon well. He’s a gifted athlete who can be explosive, something we’ve seen before this season however small the sample size.Austin had the nicest day of any Cowboys receiver when these two teams met earlier in the season. He’s going to have an it moment. Bank on it.Dak Prescott will out-pass Russell WilsonThe optimist in all of us wants to believe that the Cowboys cracked the code on Dak Prescott last week in New York, and it’s sort of fair to believe that as the quarterback threw for more touchdowns in a game than he ever had before. That’s noteworthy.Russell Wilson is obviously the better quarterback in this game but it’s fair to assume that where he’s going to hurt the Cowboys most is going to be on the ground as opposed to in the air. There’s no doubt that the Hot Boyz are going to have him on the run and as a result he may not have the opportunity to throw for the highest mark ever. Faith in Dak. Try it.Jeff Heath will record two interceptionsWhen the Cowboys and Seahawks squared off back in Week 3 the safety that everybody wanted in Dallas, Earl Thomas, had two picks. It sucked.The safety that everybody secretly loves, Jeff Heath, had his own interception (and almost a second) the last time that a playoff game was played at AT&T Stadium. How poetic would it be if he did his best Earl Thomas impersonation when the moment was brightest? In a way, that’s the most Jeff Heath thing that Jeff Heath could do.The GOAT will strike twice.Dallas will hit at least 35 minutes on time of possessionThe key to winning for the Cowboys for so long has been to play keep away from opposing offenses. It was the formula they used for their most impressive victory of the season against the New Orleans Saints and it’s likely what they want to do all the time.Russell Wilson is gifted. He has players like Doug Baldwin and Tyler Lockett to work with. The Cowboys may have a defense that can contend with them but the best way to ensure that Seattle doesn’t score is to limit how much they have the ball. That’s common sense.The Cowboys are going to try to drain the clock from the moment the ball is kicked off. Which leads to our final bold prediction...Ezekiel Elliott will eclipse 200 yards rushingThere’s something about the relationship between Seattle and Ezekiel Elliott (Dak Prescott as well) that is so cosmic and interesting. Zeke made his NFL debut during the preseason at Seattle, and he returned from suspension against them last season in a game that was an effective playoff one for both teams.The identity of the Cowboys as we know it was forged against the Seahawks way back in 2014. That game Womens Allen Hurns Jersey , you know the one, was the crystallization of a philosophy the Cowboys were brewing and it rose like a phoenix in the Pacific Northwest.While the phoenix may have burned to ashes in last season’s meeting between the two, it’s time for it to rise again. This phoenix is named Zeke, and he’s going to eat his way to the tune of over 200 yards. It’s going to take all of them to win. Custom Tennessee Titans Jerseys
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